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James Davis
Exactly the bike I dreamed of.

I love mine. I always liked huge bikes. This one is pretty, feels and good to sit on. The handle bars allow me to sit up straight, not curled over like a squirrel. Three speeds are quite enough and work well. I put a bell and a kick stand on mine. I just could not be happier about a bike.

Christopher Spencer
Excellant bike

Man this is an excellant bike. You're ad says the bike can go 15 to 25 mph. However I got the bike to go 35 mph on a flat level road. Oh and before I forget can the 3spd be replaced with a nexes 8 spd? I've also got the springer fork on it , a bike seat from Italy, a sun suspension seatpost ,you're guys fenders and 2 classic led head lights (1 single light an 1 7 led light) and a classic rear fender taillight,suuuuuppppppppeeeeeerrrr comfortable.

Great experience

The bike arrived in great shape and am excited to do the final assembly, which looks very simple and straightforward.
Everything about this buying experience—from your post-sale communications re: Order and shipping, to the packaging and timely delivery of the bike, to the clarity of your assembly instructions—has been outstanding.

Love this bike!

I am an Amazon shopper and a big fan of beach cruisers, and i need a beach cruiser to handle hills. I currently have a 1 speed firmstrong (womens) but hard to go uphill with. I bought a 7 speed awhile back but i hate the maintenance on bikes with anything more than 1 speed, and 7 speeds are really only good for off road since they dont go that fast, and i am not looking for anything to ride on the road like a 21 speed. So i did research and i found out 3 speeds have less maintenance and can handle going uphill. I looked all over Amazon but all 3 speeds were sold out for the beach cruisers. I found this site by google search. They sell all firmstrong bikes. Firmstrong is the the best bike and really light, but the womens 3 speed was sold out, so i got a mens 3 speed, grey. I just love it. XDS has great support too. I got my bike within 5 days.

Mike M.
Outstanding Experience

This adventure started because my bike was stolen, and here comes with a similar bike shipped in perfect condition a week after placing the order. The circumstances sucked but this vendor exceeded expectations. Thanks for making a bad situation great!


Please read our FAQs page to find out more.

Does my bike come fully assembled?

The bike is 85% assembled and packed in a bike box when the bike is delivered. You'll need to attach the front wheek, handlebar /  stem, seat post / saddle, pedals and accessories. Refer to your owner's manual for assembly instructions or check out our handy video tutorials. 

We understand everyone's ability and confidence to assemble bikes will vary, so we're here to help! Contact us if you need some tips, or check in with your local bike shop.

How long will it take to receive my order?

Most of our orders are delivered using FedEx and USP Ground services and arrive within 5 days after the order is processed, depending on where in the country you’re located. See the below map for a general estimate of delivery times, based on FedEx Ground transit. Please note that delivery time may vary and depends on the carrier.

Please note that if you request a signature and are not at home to sign for your order, the courier may take your package back with them. 

Is XDSBIKECO.COM a real company? is in fact a real company with offices and distribution in South El Monte, CA.

What is the weight of the bike?

The weight of the bike varies by model. Check the description of the bike on our website. If it's not listed, contact us for more information.

What is the max weight capacity?

Our bikes' weight capacity is from 300 lbs to 400 lbs. It varies by models. 

Where can I find information on bike maintenance?

Your owner's manual has some great tips for routine maintenance.

My bike was stolen/ How do I find the owner of a bike?

If your bike was stolen, contact your local authorities. If you registered your bike with us and need to obtain your model information, email or chat with us. We'll need to gather some info from you in writing to look up and validate your registration.

For privacy purposes, we won't share contact info related to product registration with anyone other than the owner or local authorities. 

Local authorities should submit requests for product registration info by email by attaching a written request on official letterhead. 

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