Firmstrong 24" Beach Cruiser Bicycle Fender Set, Front and Rear

$ 39.99

  • Painted front and rear steel 24 inch bike fender set for 24-inch diameter wheels on Firmstrong 24" Urban Man and Urban Lady beach cruiser bicycles
  • Heavy duty steel construction
  • Fenders help deflect road spray and mud away from you when riding
  • All brackets and hardware included; mount to axles
  • Fenders fit most other 24-inch beach cruiser bikes with 2-Inch or 2.125-Inch tires and connection points on fork and rear dropout

Because Fenders and the bikes are not painted at the same time, the color of the fenders might not be exactly the same as that of  the bikes. There might be slight color difference on the fender and the bike, please be noted.