X6 Aluminum

What X6 Aluminum Does for the Cyclist

Your potential is unlimited, but having better equipment will make a world of difference in every ride. X6 is designed to concentrate your energy, absorb more and be more effective. You'll go faster when your power and energy are zeroed in on hammering into your drive-train. Our exceedingly stiff bottom bracket is a near perfect conduit for converting pedaling into power. Normal Aluminum's fabled stiffness is inherently rigid and cannot spring back like steel. X6 answers with a paradox: even with enhanced stiffness, X6 increases deformation resistance by 50 to 60%. What does that mean? Simply put, you have a bike that uses your energy efficiently instead of squandering it. It means your bike can last as long as you can while being 20-30% lighter than comparable models.

Research and Development

Paired with top-ranked colleges, we spent years in research and development to create our exclusive X6 Aluminum. A historical drawback of traditional aluminum has always been that, despite the alloy's superior qualities, fatigue sets in from extreme use over time. We decided this was an issue that needed to be resolved. X6 has double the anti-fatigue properties of compared alloys. Our efforts to advance the biking world are ceaseless and we will continue to provide you with the top of line bicycles.
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