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Nadine City-Seven

The Nadine is the capstone in our collection of stylish city bicycles. Its elegance comes from seamlessly blending the distillation of classic lines with clean modern design. Almost invisibly, the Nadine also incorporates time-tested capabilities for real world use. A built-in rear rack for heavier items, a basket for groceries or your jacket, and a tool pouch provide ample storage while also enhancing the beauty of this bike. Love what you ride.

Other important details include a lightweight aluminum frame, 38 mm tires that yield both speed and stability, and a wide gear range for easily gliding up and around whatever terrain inspires you. The comfort geometry allows for proper leg extension while maintaining the ability to get your entire foot on the ground. The Nadine City-Seven is our most popular bike for its looks, comfort, low-weight, and low-price. However, if you are looking for a similar bike with less maintenance, scroll down to the Nadine City-Three. This bike incorporates all the great features of the City-Seven but has a three-speed internal gear system. This system is a more recent design by Shimano that requires little to no maintenance. The City-three will be ready to ride right out of the box.

Nadine City-Three

The Nadine also comes in a 3-speed option for an even simpler alternative. This bicycle features the exact same elegance as her 7-speed sister. The 3-speed is perfect for riding over flat or gently rolling terrain. It gives the rider a nearly zero-maintenance gear system coupled with the simplest shifting available. This system is also cleaner and more impervious to the elements.

Explorer CT

Simply put, there is no better value out there for a tough, versatile, multi-use bike than the Explorer CT. We equipped the Explorer with 700x38 tires so that you can ride it quickly over pavement and also safely negotiate rough roads or even take it off-road. Additionally, the Explorer combines functionality with key comfort features, including a unique upright riding style and a plush seat.

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